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Special Instruction

Understanding Special Instruction in Early Intervention

When it comes to early intervention services, Special Instruction stands out as a critical component that aims to address developmental delays or disabilities in children. Unlike more focused therapies such as Occupational or Speech Therapy, Special Instruction takes a holistic, integrative approach that often works as the foundation for other treatments. But what does this service entail, and how can it benefit your child?

What is Special Instruction?

Special Instruction is a multifaceted service designed to meet the diverse developmental needs of young children. From cognitive to emotional development, Special Instruction aims to improve a child's skills through educational activities and targeted play-based techniques.

Goals of Special Instruction
  1. Cognitive Growth: Special Instruction promotes cognitive skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and early literacy.

  2. Social Development: Through interactive play and structured activities, children are encouraged to develop their social skills, including sharing, teamwork, and communication.

  3. Emotional Maturity: Emotional self-regulation and coping skills are nurtured to help children manage their emotions better.

How It Works

Special Instruction often involves a multidisciplinary team of experts who assess the child's needs and develop an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). This plan is tailored to the child's unique developmental profile, outlining goals, strategies, and supports required for effective intervention.

Why It's Important

Special Instruction serves as the backbone for other therapies. It often paves the way for more specialized treatments like Occupational and Speech Therapy, providing a well-rounded approach to early intervention.


Special Instruction is not just another service but a comprehensive strategy aimed at empowering children and families. Through a tailored program and multidisciplinary approach, Special Instruction offers a foundation upon which other therapies can build, ensuring a balanced and effective early intervention plan.

Providers For This Service

Emily Wachter, MA BSL

Director & Special Instructor

Billi Jo Lombardo, B.SOC., SC, IMH-E

Team Leader/Special Instructor

Franki Krugger, B.A.

Special Instructor

Jenni Smith, B.A.

Special Instructor

Judy Burke, B.A.

Special Instructor

Shannon Curtis, M. ED.

Special Instructor

Steph Meyer

Special Instructor

Brenda Kobylka

Special Instructor

Dawn Danilov

Special Instructor

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